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About Dance Du Coeur

Sugar Land Dance Studio in Fort Bend County

Dance Du Coeur Sugar Land Dance Studio is a 6000 sq. ft. state of the art dance training center in Fort Bend County.

greenballetWhether you are a competitive or recreational dancer, we offer a complete variety of dance classes for all ages including Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Pointe, Leaps and Turns, Drill Team Prep, and Aerial Silk. Dance Du Coeur (or dance from the heart) provides instruction from only the most professional, qualified and positive teachers. We take great pride in the quality of our instruction given to each student, the development of our “One Beat” champion competitive dance team and our pristine facility. Our outstanding dance instructors focus on technique and the beauty of expression from the inside out (performing from the heart). We hire choreographers from LA to NY and all points in between. Our choreography stand out and wins. So whether you’re serious about competition or just interested recreation, we have the outstanding instructors, support staff and inspiring facility to meet your needs.

Through our state-of-the-art mobile website, Facebook Page, and emails, we will keep you updated and informed about all our events, deadlines, registrations, class changes or additions, Recital, and more. Our teachers do written evaluations of each student twice a year, in the Fall and Spring, so we can track their progress and you can remain informed about their training. We also send exit surveys to anyone who does not re-enroll so we can evaluate our program and services and make any necessary improvements. Students and parents who wish to make anonymous suggestions, may do so by placing a note in our locked suggestion box. We keep our lines of communication open to serve you as best we can!

We want our students to have a positive, fun, and rewarding experience at Dance Du Coeur – even when they aren’t in class! Many of our students view the studio as a “second home”, where they build friendships and make special memories. Throughout the year, we host many celebrations towards that end: Christmas Party with a One Beat performance, Valentines Day Party and an in-studio “Dance From the Heart Contest” with trophies, Studio Sleepover, Tutu week when students get to wear fun Tutus to class, Spirit Week, Bunnies and Ballerina photo opportunity with live rabbits at Easter, and Parent Observation Weeks when parents are invited into the studio to observe, and take pictures and videos.

Aren’t sure about what style or level to take? Try any class for free! You can even try out our different teachers to see which one suits you best. Missed class because you were sick or not able to make it to the studio? You can make it up any time by coming to another class at your same level.

Our instructors teach their classes according to a set curriculum with a goal for each child to achieve specific skills by the end of the year. One reason we have just one recital a year is so that students get ample time learning the necessary skills to move to the next level. If they aren’t ready to move to the next level at the end of the year, your child’s teacher will be able to explain why and what is needed to get there.

Our Standards

Why choose us?

Top teachers

Many of our teachers have been or still are working dance professionals and almost all have college dance degrees as well. Be assured that you are getting instruction from qualified teachers who are dedicated to dance and love teaching kids of all ages.

Variety of classes

With three state of the art, sprung wood dance floors, we offer a variety of classes and levels.

All ages

Dance Du Coeur Sugar Land Dance Studio is one of the few studios that offers classes to dancers of ALL ages!

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